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Saccos & SMEs Executive

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2days of Networking in Uganda, Kampala



The 3-days event

About the Conference

Africa Saccos Week is a yearly conference & exhibition dedicated to the development of Savings and Credit Co-Operatives in Africa.

The conference is open to everyone who can impact or be impacted by Saccos.
This includes :

  • central banks
  • technology providers
  • microfinance institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Regulation Authorities
  • small and medium enterprises
  • Saccos institutions

This will be a platform to exchange ideas about the journey we all share of changing African lives through access to finance. Network face to face and learn new innovations in Saccos technologies in the largest cooperatives sector in Africa. Let’s meet up in Uganda! .

The Digitilization of Saccos

What you will learn?

Saccos have been lagged behind for a long time on digital transformation not anymore in the near future.
Almost industries & sectors are going digital, why should Saccos stay behind when it is a proven fact that digital optimization brings about better quality of service at lower costs?
Meet Decision Makers in the sector at the Africa Saccos Week

This is the right time to share experience and exchange ideas to ensure that Saccos are well digitized.
The inaugural event will evaluate technology trends, celebrate the progress, discuss challenges and opportunities to develop African Saccos.
The entire Saccos landscape will experience rapid change post pandemic.
Gain the insight and connections that will help you take advantage of emerging opportunities.


Use the Africa Saccos Week platform to showcase and present your innovative products to executives from Saccos
Connect with delegates of prospective customers at this focused event
  • Generate Leads
  • Meet new clients & Existing ones
  • Thought leadership
  • Meet new distributors
  • Brand & promote your business

Welcome To Kampala, Uganda

Uganda is one of the biggest economy on sacco sector in Africa and digitization of the sector is a necessity. After a successful launch of Africa Saccos Week 2022 in Nairobi, Kenya. SNG Events in Partnership with Uganda Cooperative Savings and Credit Union brings you the second edition of event on 16th – 17th May 2023 in Kampala,Uganda. 75% of Ugandans lean of saving groups such as VSLAs and Saccos and almost of these do not have digital solutions to manage their operations. Quality technology solutions are required to minimize operational costs and increase competitive advantage in the sector.

Saccos have been lagged behind for a long time on digital transformation not anymore in the near future.

previous speakers

Dr George Ochiri

Chief Executive Officer
Harambee SACCO Society Limited

Ms Nancy Mutugu

Chief Executive Officer
United Women Sacco

Ms Sergon Winnie

Head of ICT
Boresha SACCO

Mr Vincent Marangu

Director Co-operatives Banking Division
Co-operative Bank of Kenya

Mr Elijah Dede

Chief Executive Officer
Kenya Bankers Sacco

Mr Tony Mutero

General Manager - ICT
Kenya National Police DT SACCO

Mr Peter M. Mcharo

Chairperson of the Board
Mombo Sacco

Mr Antone Wambura

Executive Director
Crescent Takaful Sacco

Mr Eliud K. Choge

Senior Officer, Information Systems Audit
Safaricom Sacco

Mr Paul Bwire

ICT Manager
Maisha Bora Sacco Ltd

Dr Julius K. Bett

Chief Executive Officer
Nyati Sacco Society Ltd

Mr Glad Mageria

Head of ICT

Mr Simeon Oriko

Director of Community
Mojaloop Foundation

Mr Alex Kamau

ICT Manager
Joinas Sacco

Mr Joseph Bee

Chief Executive Officer
Bandari Sacco

Mr Sidney Shilako

Chief Manager, ICT & Operations
Stima Sacco

Dr. Berry Odhiambo

Chief Executive Officer
Afresa Sacco

Ms Mary Mbithi

Head of Research and Innovation
Stima DT sacco society

Mr Joseph Njuguna Maina

Founder & CEO
Collectr Kenya

All Speakers

Why Attend ?

Let us shape the future of Africa’s Saccos !!!!!!!

C-Suite Networking within Africa's Saccos community

Gala dinner for the industry’s senior executives

Networking breakfasts, lunches and dinners

Private meeting rooms for sponsors, Investors and Saccos Executives

share best practices in the sector.

Fantastic exhibition: experience products and services from Saccos & tech companies

Meet Regulators for the industry

Expand your network and generate meaningful leads

Build for the future with fellow colleagues in Industry.


Minimizing risks of debt defaults through technology

This is where the stakeholders will discuss in small groups how they plan on embarking the challenges of debt defaults by applying technology in Sacco systems.

Inter-Sacco collaboration

when saccos are digitized, it will make it easier to share information. That way, how one behaves paying a loan in one Saccos can influence a decision of giving him a loan in another sacco.

Saccos as a tool for poverty alleviation

When saccos are digitized they can be used by the central bank as a way to increase money in circulation by the central bank giving many small loans to interested members therefore creating jobs and reducing poverty.

Digital payment platforms

Being able to transfer money from account to account digitally will be made easier after saccos are digitized, people are getting used to cashless modes of payment and Saccos going digital will speed that up.

Data and Analytics

Accessing information is easy when it is stored digitally which in turn makes it easy to dissect it, and draw conclusions as well as make predictions based on it.

Policy and regulations

Discussion with central banks about what policies they have in place to favor digitization and what they have in store for Saccos who embrace technology moving forward.

Mobile Banking for Saccos

The discussion aims to develop a good model that can be used to evaluate and integrate mobile banking in Saccos.

SMEs & Finance

Discussions about how SMEs can be served better by Saccos and products they desire to be introduced.

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